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Ayurvedic Cosmetology

Ayurvedic Cosmetology


Feel the magic of Ayurvedic cosmetics! Get an insight into the Ayurvedic concept of beauty care. This course will equip you with necessary wisdom to feel good and look good the natural way.

Course Syllabus:
1. Ayurvedic perspective of beauty and beauty care
2. Ayurvedic diet and routine for skin care
3. Ayurvedic hair, face, eye, hand and foot treatment
4. Ayurvedic masks and moisturizers
5. Ayurvedic massage for beauty
6. Common skin problems and cosmetic remedies

Training Methodology:
1. Lectures & Tutorials
2. Interactive Sessions
3. Practical Demonstrations
4. Hands-On Training

Eligibility: Anyone with genuine interest in learning Ayurvedic cosmetology.

Course Duration: 10 days

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