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Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking


Ayurvedic food has the unique capability of balancing your mind-body type. This course teaches you the holistic method of preparing food that can restore any imbalance in your system.

Course Syllabus:
1. Ayurvedic perspective of health and healthy diet
2. Significance of digestion and how to ensure balanced digestive system
3. Ayurvedic view of food, cooking, and nutrition
4. Five senses and six tastes according to Ayurveda
5. Preparation of simple, nutritional, and sensually gratifying food
6. Action and qualities of spices in Ayurvedic cooking
7. Dishes according to body systems

Namasthe Academy of Ayurveda & Yoga
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Training Methodology:
1. Lectures & Tutorials
2. Interactive Sessions
3. Practical Demonstrations
4. Hands-On Training

Eligibility: Anyone with genuine interest in learning Ayurvedic cooking.

Course Duration: 7 days

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