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Wellness Packages


Ayurvedic Stress Management

Most of us assume we live a healthy life style, but we may discount all the stresses of modern living that affect our health, and all negative effects are cumulative. It takes much chemical, structural and emotional stress over a long time for the body to break down and show signs and symptoms of diseases. Stress may lead to muscle spasm, neck pain, back pain, head ache, digestive diseases and many other serious ailments. The stress management program helps you to get rid off the accumulated stress. This package of 3 days and 7 days, include relaxing massage of body, face & head and soothing dhara on the for head.


Various causes are assigned to the development of obesity. It is due to wrong diet and, generally, over eating and intake of liquids, particularly alcoholic beverages. A luxurious, inactive, or sedentary life is a well recognized predisposing factor. Intake of food beyond the quantities required to replace the energy lost, goes towards increasing the fat in the body. The obese are more liable to fall prey to many diseases, because of lower body resistance. According to Ayurveda, obesity is caused by the impairment of the ‘Agni’ (digestive fire) responsible for the breakup of the molecules of fat. Medication to strengthen the ‘Agni’, along with fat reducing therapies followed by restricted diet and exercise of the body, would definitely help in reducing body fat. 14 days obesity care includes, swedanam, udwarthanam, internal medication and dietetic regimen.


Ayurvedic Detoxification 

The importance of detoxification through Panchakarma in Ayurveda is applicable to all cases covering a wide range of preventive, curative, and promotive conditions. Modern and fast paced life style causes accumulation of impurities in tissues and neuro muscular junctions of the body. These deeply seated toxins need to be eliminated periodically. Purification of the whole body brings proper balance of Vatha, Pitha & Kapha. Medication, and detoxifying therapies along with dietetic regimen restores the individual to a normal state of health. 15 days body purification program includes panchakarma, therapeutic massage, swedanam, nethrasekam, kizhi etc. This package helps to eliminate the toxins from all the parts of body and refresh the body system.


Rasa is the vital fluid produced by the digestion of food, which sustains the body through strengthening of the tissue elements. Rasayana is the medium through which the Rasa is maintained, freshened and augmented. The aim of rejuvenation is to increase longevity, to increase the power of brain, to improve health, to make a person more active, to remove all morbidity from the body, and to maintain the youth of the individual. Medicines and therapies are categorized according to whether they promote general health and longevity, vigor, or fight disease. This package includes panchakarma, kizhi etc. It seeks to strengthen and enhance the body’s own healing processes to help the body help itself.


Ayurvedic rheumatic 

The balance of Vatha depends on the energy that is produced as a result of digestion. The normal function of ‘Vatha’ is to sustain the body, and that is why it is the originator of every kind of action in the body. The aggravation of Vatha causes destructive and degenerative changes in the tissues. Vatha imbalance can lead to auto immune, musculoskeletal and neurological diseases. Anti rheumatic care forms a part of prophylactic measure in individuals with predominantly Vatha constitution and who are prone to diseases caused by Vatha imbalance. The 7-21 days package includes therapeutic massage, kizhi, vasthi etc. This treatment package enables the immune system to resist diseases caused by vatha imbalance.

SPINAL CARE (Specially for IT Professionals)

It has been noticed that people who sit in front of computers or doing deskwork with little movement of neck, are prone to spondylosis. Riding bike regularly, sudden jerks and fall can trigger lumbar spondylosis. The deranged Vatha which is responsible for the typical condition is pacified with spinal care program a comprehensive treatment regimen. It takes 7 days as prophylactic measure. In diseased, this therapeutic package will be for 7 to21 days. It helps to relieve pain, maintain mobility, rehydrate the disc, strengthen the inter vertebral joints and relieve inflammation of nerves.


Ayurvedic Beauty Treatment 

In Ayurveda beauty is meant in a wider medical sense. It is the radiance of a person; it is smooth and healthy skin, clean body parts, pleasant smell, expressive eyes and other such features. The sense of touch and energy radiations around the body plays an important role. All the fine energy channels located at the surface of the skin are open. The skin is very sensitive to Vatha vitiation which makes it rough by blocking these energy channels. This condition does not let the nourishment reach the surface. The skin and beauty care program is for cleansing, nourishing and protecting the skin. This 7days package includes body, face & head massage, lepam, haircare and herbal body wrap.