House boats

Kerala Houseboat
A houseboat is a specially designed boat for human dwelling. The Houseboats of Kerala, popularly known as the ‘Kettuvallams’ are the large floating formations with high load carrying capacity. They reflect the culture and heritage of Kerala. In the initial stages, they were primarily used for the transportation of men or / and materials from the isolated and interior villages of Kerala’s bakwater areas to the then major trading centers like Allepy, kollam, Cochin, or Kottayam etc.

In those days the main mode of water transprotaion in Kerala had been these Kettuvallams; especially in the Kuttanad regions. In moderntimes however, as a result of the improved means of transprotation, these Kettuvallams almost faced a slow death. Thanks to the modern tourism industy; these kettuvallams have resurfaced in a more suphosticated and luxurious form by the name HOUSEBOATS.These houseboats of the present age are huge slow moving exotic barges used for leisure trips. They have become a major sourse of attraction both for natioanl as well as internbatioanla tourists visiting Kerala. These Kettuvallams / houseboats have played a great role in the economic growth of Kerala. The fact that half a century ago there were more than 5000 kettuvalloms / houseboats in Kerala proves the economic importance of these boats.

A tour in the house boat will really take you to the height of enjoyment and ecstasy. It will be an unforgettable experience in your life. The slow movement of the house boats, the gentle touch of the sweet breeze from the cool backwaters all but mesmerizes you to an unmentionable excitement and happiness. It is an exotic feeling, so romantic, so thrilling, and so pulsating an experience it would be that you cannot but permit it never to be faded from your memory. The greenery, scenes of the villages, the boat jetties and passengers, the farmers and paddy fields, the coconut palms on either sides of the banks, all together make your trip most beautiful. On the whole you feel relaxed, calm and gentle as the backwaters.

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