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Online Doctor

We are glad to offer you Ayurveda Treatment Packages and free ayurveda consultation. We have a team of qualified Ayurveda experts who are doing regular practice as consultant Ayurveda experts. Please feel free to write to us about your aliments & be assured of our prompt reply offering free professional medical advice. Treatment is solely with pure Ayurvedic herbal medicines which can be prescribed. The Online Ayurveda Consultation is managed by an experienced team of Ayurveda Doctors from well known Ayurveda Hospitals.

Availability Of Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurvedic medicine are commonly available throughout India. We maintain a good online pharmacy with most of the medicine we prescribe. So there won't be any problem if medicine need to be sent through post or courier. Though we would be the happiest persons if we could serve Non-Indian patients with such service but international courier agencies are all set to demand a long list of documents - export-import license, heavy metal test, ingredient reports, microbial studies etc.